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Ludwig Supersensitive releasing the snares

Q:. When I release the snares on my Ludwig Supersensitive, they still make some contact with the bottom head when I play Fortissimo. What can I do to eliminate this problem?

A: Most likely, the problem has more to do with the bottom head than the drum itself. On a Ludwig Supersensitive snare drum, when you release the snares, they are lowered away from the bottom head under tension, and remain parallel to the head. If your snare head has a fairly deep collar, as on a Remo snare side head, the bottom rim will be pulled up closer to lugs, which will shorten the distance between the bottom bearing edge of the drum and the lower edge of the snare gate. When the snares are released, they bottom-out on the snare gate, and bow-up in the middle, sometimes making contact with the snare head. If you switch to a Ludwig X-Thin snare head, which has a very shallow collar, the snare gate opening will be greater, which will keep the snare wires from bottoming-out when released and should eliminate your pesky problem.