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Ludwig Super Snare missing snare

Q: I have a Ludwig & Ludwig super snare drum from the late 1920's that is in great shape, and has all of the original parts, except for the snare wires that go under the top head, any suggestions? Also, the snare wires on the bottom of the drum don't make contact with the snare head, it's as though the one end is bent. Is there any way to correct the problem without doing damage to the shell? Jack Rumbley, Dallas, TX

A: It sounds like you've got a great snare drum, that unfortunately, doesn't sound much like a snare drum. In regards to your first question, to the best of my knowledge, I don't know of any drop- in replacement snare wires for the internal snare mechanism, however, I've already had success in adapting a new set of Ludwig snare wires, and they work quite well. It requires getting a set of No. L1929 14/12 strand wires with metal ends. You start by bending 1/2 of each metal end downward (90 degrees), and then continue the bend another 45 degrees, so that each end is bent in a "v" shape. Then just hook the ends on the mechanisms on each side and adjust with the tension knob. When you raise the external lever, the snare wires should make contact with the bottom side of the batter head. As to the second question, the bottom mechanism can get bent Out of shape, especially if the snare guards are missing, which would prevent the bottom set of snares from making contact on both sides. In a case like that, you should remove the external mechanism before trying to bend them back into shape, so as not to damage the shell. The two metal prongs that protrude from either end, should be perpendicular to the housing assembly, when they're in raised position. In order to do this type of adjustment, you'll need a hammer, a vise, and nerves of steel. If you're uncomfortable doing this type of repair work, it would be best sent to a shop that specializes in that kind of work.