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Ludwig 1960's & 70's Splatter Paint

Q: What are the names or types of gray splatter and white paints that Ludwig used to coat the interiors of their 1960's and 1970's drums? Mike Balkom, Roanoke VA

A: That famous white finish on the interiors of Ludwig drums from the early 1960's to early 1968 was called "RESA-COTE". It was sprayed on for"added response and tonal definition". Sealing the interior of the shell provided a smooth, more reflective surface, which seems to enhance the sound of the drum while also protecting it from dampness. It also provided a very clean and uniform look to the interior, regardless if it was maple or mahogany. The grey speckled finish used in the early 1970's was called  the "LUDCOTE" interior. It provided a more modem look, especially to the single headed concert toms, and didn't show the dirt and scuff marks like the oldwhite interiors of the 60's.