2012 Lawton Drum Company

Drum Head Dents

Q: Is it possible to remove dents from old mylar drumheads?

A: Yes, it is possible and relatively easy. First, the head must be mounted on a drum and needs to be under a fair amount of tension. Next, you'll need a hot air gun (we use a Black & Decker that has a heating range from 500 to 1020F). Turn it on to the high setting and hold it about one foot above the dent to be removed. Slowly lower the heat gun toward the dent. As the heat gun gets closer, the dent will disappear. The thickness of the head will determine how much exposure to the heat you'll need. Dents in thin snare heads "pop out" quicker than thicker batter heads. Once the dents are out of the batter heads, you can remove the dirt and stick marks by using soft- scrub and a little 4xo steel wool, and follow with some Windex and paper towel, being careful not to remove the imprints.