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Differences in sparkle finish & glass glitter

Q: What is the difference between sparkle drum finishes and glass glitters? Is the champagne sparkle available in glass glitter?

A: Sparkle and glass glitter finishes are similar in that they are both
a two ply finish, consisting of a white backing and a transparent color overlay, with some type of aggregate material sandwiched between them to produce a sparkle effect. The aggregate for the sparkle wraps look like small, six sided pieces of a silver, foil like material, that are scattered over the white backing before being Ianilnated with the color overlay. In the case of silver sparkle, the overlay is clear. The glass glitter finishes have a crushed glass aggregate, which tends to give a more random sparkle effect that reflects light better than the standard sparkles. Champagne sparkle is different because the aggregate consists of very small flecks of copper and silver, and is sandwiched between two sheets of clear, so it is not available in a glass glitter.
Generally speaking, the standard sparkles cost about 25% less than the glass glitter and about 40% less than champagne sparkle. Glass glitter wraps are more difficult to work with, as the sheets seem stiffer and more brittle than standard sparkles. They both come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, tangerine, gold, silver and black.